Breast surgery – for aesthetic breasts

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction or even creation of an attractive female breast in congenital breast deformities like the tubular breast (“snoopy” breast) or following breast cancer surgery is an extremely important issue for a healthy self image and physical and social integrity for many women.
In congenital breast disorders like the Poland syndrome or the tubular breast, the reconstructive procedures have to be adapted to any remaining breast growth and the developmental age of the patient.

If the breast is altered in its normal shape and size by previous cancer-related surgery, if it is painful or even missing completely after cancer related ablation it can be reconstructed with a variety of methods. This is also possible bilaterally. As an experienced microsurgeon, I can offer you the full spectrum of breast reconstruction with autologous tissue (from your own body), with silicone implants with or without previous skin expansion or with lipofilling. Combinations hereof are possible and sometimes very successful.

The typical donor sites to harvest skin and fat tissue for breast reconstruction are:

  • Lower abdomen: DIEP-flap
  • Inner thighs: TUG or TMG gracilis flap
  • Buttocks: IGAP, FCI or SGAP flap
  • Back: Latissimus dorsi flap

It will be my pleasure to inform you individually and in detail to find the most suitable procedure for you. All of the methods described above have been proven well with time and are very safe. The specific advantages and disadvantages of each method are explained to you in our individual presurgical consultations – also involving visual computer demonstrations for easy clarification.