Hand surgery – for function and aesthetics

Hand Rejuvenation

We constantly pay a lot of attention to look relaxed, fresh and youthful and focus primarily on the daily care of our face. However, the hands are often forgotten in this strive for youthfulness, despite they are constantly visible, usually not covered by clothing or gloves and therefore are permanently in focus for people around us. Looking at the hands is one of the most common behaviours to judge the age of our fellows.

Though proper nail care adds a lot to the overall appearance of our hands, skin quality, elasticity and contour are the main factors for aesthetic hands. The fascination of youthful, groomed and gently contoured hands is no secret and can be supported by small plastic surgical procedures:

Autologous lipofilling can provide volume and soft contours for hands and let prominent veins disappear to a considerable extent. The fat is harvested in small goblets elsewhere from your body. Other substances like hyaluronic fillers can be used for this as well with good results. Hand rejuvenation is a priceless tool and especially recommended for patients who need a flawless appearance of their hands in their daily life. Hand rejuvenation is done as an outpatient procedure.