Rekonstruction – Range of Procedures

Reconstructive Surgery – Spectrum

Reconstructive surgery might become necessary immediately after injuries or tumor resections, or is performed secondarily to correct trauma sequelae of malaligned extremities, scarred tissue, contractures or other aquired functional and aesthetic deficiencies. Many congenital deformities of all parts of the body can be improved be plastic-reconstructive measures as well.

I am highly motivated to find an individualized and personal solution for your reconstructive needs with the optimal choice of procedures to correct painful wounds, functional disabilities or contour irregularities.

I can offer you the following key procedures:

  • Reconstruction of bone-, muscle- and soft tissue of extremities, trunk and the head after trauma, tumor operations or congenital disorders
  • Reconstruction of the female breast with modern microsurgical tissue transplantations, breast implants or combinations
  • Defect closure or chronic wounds in all body regions
  • Scar corrections
  • Transplantation and transposition of muscles and nerves to reanimate palsies of the face, arm or leg
  • Reestablishment of lymphatic flow in the extremities or the scrotum by most modern supramicrosurgical techniques
  • Burn surgery
  • Extended scar removal by serial excisions and skin expansion
  • Contracture release
  • Correction of disfiguring facial burn injuies

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